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im just over here in the corner thinkin how hot the dude is lol <3

He looks like a character from Gorillaz, would fit in nicely. Loving those boots he has excellent taste

corpsecake responds:

omg <3 he sucks

I have that necklace on the table! It just doesn't have the jewel xD
This turned out so pretty i love her design and the lipcolor is pretty

EscapistProductions responds:

Hah, that's great! Also, thank you so much! I loved coming up with her design based on the monster girl result.

i appreciate the facial variety, always a hard one for me! Keep it up~

SparkyChompers responds:

Thanks, I always try to keep it lively ;3

is he stoned I love it. He's definitely burned out lol!

SparkyChompers responds:

Burner the stoner lmao

d'aww you are a sweet!
I gotta say your art is really leveling up, and again im impressed you figured out how i do lighting spot on!
I absolutely love the reflection on the ice, i always appreciate that effect. Maximum cool <3

EscapistProductions responds:

Thank you so much! I enjoyed incorporating that lighting style into the artwork. I didn't think the reflection would've turned out very well, but I'm happy to see that it looks cool! :D

love that 2000s cybergoth look <3

EscapistProductions responds:

Haha, thank you! It wasn't quite intentional but I still love that it looks that way.

i love her face and the headpiece. I still can't get over the fact you just draw these with your finger on a phone. I always have a love for transparent fabric, too. Looks really pretty!

EscapistProductions responds:

Thank you so much! I guess I didn't mention that for many of these, I also draw out a sketch first on paper and then import a photo of it into my drawing program and trace the photo. I kinda want to one day go completely paper-free, but that's probably just the fear of wasting materials talking. I had a lot of fun coming up with her design, and I'm happy with it!

good lighting on da googles


this reminds me of the cover of a Goosebumps book, i think it was the wax museum or something. The wax ladys face was melting and it looked just like that XD

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